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Specializing in residential fire sprinkler design.    

Thank you for your interest in Living Water Designs!

If you're in need of a residential fire sprinkler system design, we can provide you with a complete fire sprinkler plan, including hydraulic calculations, which can be submitted to your local Fire Marshall and/or Building Department. (See Contact Page for excluded locations)
(Currently not accepting owner/builder projects) 

I have over 16 years' experience designing fire sprinkler systems for fire sprinkler contractors, home builders, plumbing contractors, architectural firms, and owner/builders. Plans are designed according to National Fire Protection Association's 13D standard. Sample plans and references are available upon request.

The 2 types of residential systems are "stand alone" (system (overhead)) supplies fire sprinklers only and is usually CPVC pipe, but can be PEX) and "multi-purpose" (system (overhead)) supplies fire sprinklers and domestic fixtures and is usually PEX tubing, but can be CPVC). Both types of systems are supplied with one domestic water line from the meter, tank, or well. (See "Project Information Instructions" on the Design Page.)

Fire sprinkler codes and requirements vary between states, counties and cities. Please contact your local jurisdiction to obtain their specific residential fire sprinkler codes and submittal requirements. They will need to know if the project is an owner/builder installation or contractor installation. (Please note: I provide fire sprinkler design/engineering only - not installation. If you are a homeowner and you're not planning to install the system yourself (owner/builder), it would be best to find a fire sprinkler contractor first since some of them have their own in-house designer and prefer to use their own plans. I may be able to recommend someone depending on your location.) (Currently not accepting owner/builder projects)

If you would like a free proposal, please contact your local jurisdiction first and obtain their residential fire sprinkler submittal requirements. After you have obtained the submittal requirements, please see the Design Page for information that I need in order to provide a proposal.

If you have questions and/or comments, please use the "Questions/Comments" form on the Contact Page. Prices and terms are on the Prices Page.

Thank you!                                                                                


                                                        FIRE SPRINKLERS SAVE LIVES     

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