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Information needed for a proposal:

  1. ​Installed by? (contractor or owner/builder?)

  2. ​Complete address.

  3. ​Submittal requirement? (You will need to ask this question where your plans are being submitted. I cannot provide a proposal without knowing the answer to this question. There is no refund for FPE or C-16 service.)

    • ​​No license or stamp required

    • Stamped by a state-licensed, fire protection engineer ​​ (FPE)

    • Designed and stamped by a state-licensed (C-16) fire protection contractor

  4. A floor plan or a reflected ceiling plan in cad format (dwg) or pdf format. If you are sending a pdf, it must have the square footage listed for livable, garage, mechanical, storage, etc.


​​Files needed for design:

floor plan, a reflected ceiling plan and an electrical plan in cad format (dwg) or pdf format. (dwg files save time) (If you are sending pdf only, it must have dimensions) If there are sloped "vaulted" ceilings, I will need to know about any and all slopes that exceed an 8/12 pitch. If there are exposed and/or structural beams, I will need to know their sizes and locations. (interior sections may be required on some projects)

After receiving the necessary files and information needed, I will send a proposal. If the proposal is accepted, I will send a project information sheet and instructions. A completed project information sheet is required to be able to complete your design.