• $550 minimum up to 5000 square feet (stand alone or multi-purpose)
    ($100 off for plans less than 2500 square feet of sprinkled space (includes garage))​

  • ​.11 cents per square foot for plans over 5000 square feet (stand alone or multi-purpose)                                                                          

  • ​​.12 cents per square foot for plans over 12,000 square feet (stand alone or multi-purpose)                                                                      

  • ​​(Contractor prices after 2nd completed project)

​For a free proposal, please see the Design Page for the information and files that are needed.


Residential (13D)

Payment is due up front. Payments can be made using PayPal on the Order Page of this website, or at PayPal.me/livingwaterdesigns. (You do not need a PayPal account and you can use a debit or credit card) After payment is received, your project will be scheduled for design. (I will need a project information sheet completed and returned in order to complete the design. (see Design Page)) When the design is completed, the plan, the calculations, and the technical data sheets will be emailed to you.

Prices above include:

PDF and/or DWF submittal copy of the plan (emailed), hydraulic calculations, technical data sheets and corrections (exceptions in paragraph below) required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Prices above do not include:

Plan submittal, permit fees, plan check fees, printing costs, 3rd party review fees and/or stamps, changes due to plan revisions, field changes or incorrect and/or incomplete information provided. The following items are usually not required and are not included, but will be charged if desired or required with any corrections: cross section $40, mirrored plan $25, attic heads $25 and electrical $25 (most jurisdictions do not require these). (Owner to obtain fire flow information and pay any fees if required) (Cad files (.dwg) will not be provided. Designs are provided in PDF or DWF format only).

C-16 is $250 and includes design, printing, stamp, signature and mailed package. Non-refundable after package is mailed.

Fire Protection Engineer stamp available for Arizona & California. The cost is $175 per sheet. Non-refundable after package is mailed. Includes standard shipping. Expedited or overnight is extra.